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Replace Mathmos Fluidium Contents With That Of An Astro?????


Hi all, I got hold of a Fluidium at the weekend from a car boot sale. the liquid and lava have past their best though. I have a spare Astro bottle in good condition and was thinking of doing a lava/liquid transplant.


Will the Astro lava and liquid work in a Fluidium???

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Thanks for the quick reply. I'll give it a try then. Ive got a blue/green astro bottle. Might look quite cool in a Fluidium
do you know if the amount of liquid and lava in the fluidium is equal to the amount in the astro?

From my experience of transfering a fluidium globe to an american 52oz globe, The fluidium had more fluid.

So I had left over fluid. also there was a little more wax in the fluidium vs what was in the original 52oz globe.


This was the outcome of the fluidium to 52oz transfer








damn, was going to go the other way around...
To refill a fluidium with an astro you need the fluid of one astro and a little less wax than 2 astros...maybe enough left to do a fireflow. 2 babys or jets should do for a fluidium too. And tbh, my refilled fluidium flowed better than the factory ones. It was possible to use bulbs from 30W spot to 40 watt reflector...taking longer to heat with the spot but has a beautiful flow when running. I would strongly suggest to clean the bottle very well and use the warm wax into cold fluid method to transfer it as fluidiums tend to have the stickiness problem easier.

thank you very much :)

think ill go for it ;)

heh.. well just showing the possibility.

I think Viva La Lava knows better then I do about going the other way around.

Jack Kolding said:

damn, was going to go the other way around...

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