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Replacement bottle for Crestworth Astro Baby - Cap does not fit.

Hi All.

Ive relented and bought a new bottle from Mathmos for my Crestworth Astro Baby, Im not happy as the original Crestworth copper screw cap does not sit on the bottle & is very loose indeed.

Any one had the same problem and any suggestions appreciated, currently waiting a response from Mathmos.

PS bought a replacement for a Crestworth Astro and the cap sits on the bottle OK just.

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Did you leave the cap on that came with the new bottle, and remove the old Bakolite screw cap inside the copper cap ?

Hi. Not at the moment as Mathmos checking if they can send me a bottle with a screw top that has not also been glued. I dont really want to take out the bakalite cap inner as it will detract from its authenticity. Im patient as Mathmos appear very friendly with instant responses to my enquiries, not many companies with that kind of service for the little people, Respect.

what you can do is get a empty bottle, put your copper cap in a jug of boiling water so the water covers it and inside where the bakerlight bit is, leave for a few mins, take out and screw on the empty bottle not fully, then slowly wiggle left n right etc the glue will loose with the heat and will seperate from the copper

Final solution provided by Mathmos, they provided a replacement bottle that was poured for me and sealed with a cap that was not also glued one, unscrewed cap and screwed my Crestworth origional on, perfect fit. SORTED !!! all at no extra cost. Fantastic communication and help from Mathmos.

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