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Hi all I have a question I have a mathmos blue blue astro lava bottle I'm wondering how can i change the liquid without ruining the bottle advice will be much appreciated 

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Hi Martin, 

Why do you want to replace the fluid in such a nice bottle? 

If you have a similar Mathmos astro bottle of the same generation, you can swap the master fluid. You can do this by loosening the cap (i do mine under a hot tap and then tiwst off). Then simply swap the fluid whilst the lamp is cold. 

For example a clear turquoise and a violet orange, can become a clear orange and a violet turquoise. 

However, if you want to swap the wax as well this can become somewhat of a problem and very messy in doing so. 

What exactly is it that you have in mind to do? And then maybe I can be a bit more specific to your needs. 

Whatever it is best of luck to you. 

Hi thanks for the advice I just wanted a clear fluid so I can see the blue wax better 

A good, noninvasive way to do that is to use bright sunlight.  In the summer months a bottle can be faded (UV rays bleaching the dye out of the fluid) in as little as a week, depending on conditions.  Winter months may take several weeks to get desired results.  Easiest way to do this is to place the bottle in a window that gets several hours of direct sunlight each day.  No opening the globe, no effecting the flow or contents other than the fading.  

Here is a link that may help


martin ward said:

Hi thanks for the advice I just wanted a clear fluid so I can see the blue wax better 

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