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I've been doing some research on replicating some Lava Lite formulas and I wanted to share my findings on dyes.

I bought some dyes to dye glitter lamp formula and have been able to recreate some very accurate replicas of common liquid colors seen in 90's era Lava Lite brand lava and glitter lamps. I believe that most of the source materials for these dyes are all the same and the only difference is what the dye is carried in and its intended use. The reason I think this is because the dyes match up perfectly in a lot of cases. I am not sure if alcohol based inks are the best inks for lava lamp formula, but they work to dye perchloroethylene based glitter lamps.

Alcohol Ink Set - 20 Bottles Vibrant Colors High Concentrated Alcohol-Based Ink, Concentrated Epoxy Resin Paint Colour Dye Great for Resin Petri Dish, Coaster, Painting, Tumbler Cup Making(10ml Each)


So far here is what I have discovered.

Sapphire Blue = Blue used in blue glitter lamps.

Peacock Blue = Blue used in blue liquids in lava lamps as well as teal glitter lamps.

Red = Red used in glitter lamps and potentially at high concentrations used to dye red liquid in lava lamps (pending verification if I ever get a red globe again) as well as potentially used in pink glitter lamps when used in low concentrations.

Yellow = Yellow used in yellow liquids in lava lamps as well as yellow glitter lamps.

Fuchsia = Pink used in pink lava lamps.

Sapphire Blue + Scarlet in 1:1 ratio = Purple used in purple lava lamp liquids.

Black = Very closely resembles the black batman lamps made a while back. I don't have a real one to compare though.

I have yet to try other colors, but I will update this if I find other matches.

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There is just too much good research happening on this forum lately.

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