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So has anyone purchased or seen the 80 ounce royale lamp that lava lite released a couple months ago? I wanted to see a real picture of one. I tried looking it up but found that they have removed it from their website, and also the video on their YouTube chanel, and removed it from their size chart as well.? I know I wasn't imagining it!? So strange!

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Yep. It is gone now. The only thing you can find on the site is a 60 watt bulb recommended for that size lamp.

Either dropped from the line up or delayed.
Just checked status with LL and they are just out of stock right now.....more coming.
I jus googled and found that Walmart, Amazon, and menards all have them in stock online!
Just because I'm curious, there's one arriving Monday from Amazon... I'll post pics.
Damnit all anyhow... The Royale showed up with a dent in the base! Poop!
That's a new lamp? Looks second hand or really poor quality, cloudy too.
wow that is bad! hows the flow atleast?

I just ordered one! I was very curious about this lamp as well, so I decided to just go for it. Hopefully it arrives in decent condition! I should be getting it on Wednesday

It always seems like Amazon lamp purchases have the most trouble. It sucks spencer's doesn't have them, they are usually good with online lamp orders. Best of luck with your return or waiting on it to clear up.

It's heating up now. The Amazon seller was Lava Lite, so I'm pretty sure it came out of the warehouse in Chicago. It is pretty cloudy, and there is the dent, but it is still pretty cool. I love the size...

The Neo and Astro Metallic arrived at the reshipper this afternoon! Hubby and I have to run to Ohio this weekend, so there they will stay until we get back. Now those better not arrived dented!!
Two hours and change in...
Three hours in...

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