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I just found this glitter lamp. The seller says it was a Russian model, but couldn't give any further details (how old it is, how rare it is, if the bottle is still original etc)

On the bottom it says "1988", but I'm not sure if this is the year of production.

Does anybody know anything about this model? And has anybody an estimated price for it?

Thx a lot!

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Very nice glitter show.

I have one of them

NIce lamp

Much easier to change bulb than earlier an earlier sputnik 

Yes, Russian glitter lamp. I've seen three designs, and all have the three wires between cap and base (I assume in an attempt to prevent access to the contents?) The earliest design, termed the Sputnik-- officially, I don't know-- also came with white lava in clear liquid, the colors painted on the bottom of the glove showing in the lava.

mine is due for a fluid change after running it in every evening for couple years now

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