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Schylling Acquires Lava Brand - Lava Lite Company Sold

For some reason, the creator of the original thread deleted it, so I'm going to repost.

"The Lava brand has found a new home, although one that’s already somewhat familiar. Schylling, a toy and gift designer, manufacturer and distributor, has acquired Lava’s brand assets from parent Lifespan Brands.

At the same time, Lifespan Brands has announced that, after seven-and-a-half years with the company, Clay Farnsworth, president and CEO, will retire this month. Farnsworth has had a long career in the home products sector including sales and executive stints with companies such as Health-O-Meter and Taylor."

More here: https://www.homeworldbusiness.com/schylling-acquires-lava-brand/

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Keith, funny on the lurker comment

I don't know how I missed this. I was just on the LL website and noticed. It's sad that the employees are being let go. Susan got all of my cloudy lamp issues sorted out, and was very nice. Like Erin, I'm also wondering about her history at LL. Anyway I'm hoping this means mathmos is coming soon to the US, or better yet LL will bring back well made lamps. 

She just replaced a grande cap for me and I some how ended up with a whole new grande globe.  She said I could have it.  Not worth sending back. 

kero48 said:

Wow and terrible. I have been working with susan recently on my cloudy globes and denise. Susan just emailed me today that they are replacing a walmart purchased grande, the base and cap as the bottle arrived clear, the base and cap are all dented up etc.

I am really not happy to hear about what's going on. I might have to buy one last grande while the people are there that take care of us.

I have to call her tomorrow and see how she's doing

The big question is, what return / replacement policy will this new company have? They surely are not going to send out tons of replacement grande bottles like lava lamp does now when you get a cloudy one. I saw to everyone who wants something get it NOW!!!!!

I wouldn't be surprised if grandes are eventually retired due to the lack of quality control on bottoms and bases, ets.

WOW, that is sweet, lucked out there!

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