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I've made a tutorial on how to remedy the problem of an exploding colossus and the replacement of the unavailable / deteriorated rubber seal.

Please see attachment for your viewing pleasure

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I just use rtv silicone for cars to seal the outer caps.. As for exploding colosuss that must be quite a sight lol 

That would never work well on a large lamp (Colossus and Grande).

The expansion volume is too great

And, if you ever want to remove it, it will not be easy
Jon said:

I just use rtv silicone for cars to seal the outer caps.. As for exploding colosuss that must be quite a sight lol 

Works on my grande i had to redo.   To seal the outer cap.. I dont mean the expansion plug i mean the metal cap that goes over top...  Rtv is strong stuff once its on its hard to get off a knife would work though.  Why wouldnt it hold the metalic cap ? 

Btw do you put the rubber plug on hot or cold ?  I put mine on when the lamp was hot..  Just wanna make sure im not gonna implode my lamp when it cools down

you do not need to silicone the cap at all.

I used to do so and found it to be annoying and unnecessary unless you're converting to glitter

A small bead between the rubber stopper and the glass is adequate

Especially if our using heat shrink to seal the globe

I've sealed them this way and have shipped USPS without any leakage

Putting the stopper in while warm is best as it will draw down as it cools and allow for expansion when reheated.
When it cools, you should have a tight seal.

warm or fully heated ? I did mine when at 120f.  Youre right.. I realized after i put the silicone on my first grandes outer cap that it didnt need it.. ive been watching my 2nd grande ( no outer cap jist the rubber plug ) and it stays sealed by just the plug.. So a little silicone on the rubber plug is probly enough and jusy crimp the cap on.

Whats the purpose of the shrink wrap seal then if it doesnt need it ?

My lamps are still warm from being on.. So i jist took s butter knife to break the seal slightly and let air in.. Not fully but to relief some of the sucktion..  Found a knife to slide between the glass and plug is better then pulling up on the lip as the lips cracked instantly.. cheap crap

Shrink Wrap

I use it for the additional security against leakage

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