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I have a Seamore Ceramic up for grabs. I have duplicates of almost the entire ceramic series, and I am trying to downsize. If you are interested in this lamp (or any of the other ceramics) please drop me a line!

I am accepting bids for the Seamore. Nothing less than $100 please. Let me know if you would like more photos. Thanks!

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Hey, Im going to make an offer. 125.

Hey Reece, add $20 for shipping and it's yours. I have shipped several lamps, so it will have a ton of bubble wrap and be in a very sturdy box.
Just let me know.

Jump in chat so we can talk.

Do you have a Bones available for sale. I'd pay $100 for one of those if you have the box.

I bet you would! $100 would be a steal!

Right now prices are way down!  Bones has recently sold on eBay for WELL under $100.  So if you have a $100 plus shipping offer these days that's not bad.  Especially when you are not paying eBay fees.

Prices will probably go back up within two months, your right, the market right now is CRAZY!

It will be more than a couple months I bet. But hey....get'em while you can!

I personally am not a fan of the icons....but the other vintage stuff oh yeah!!!
Yeah, I would pay for shipping too of course. A Bones just closed on eBay with box for $101- so I was thinking that was fair. Do you have one? If so, what were you thinking you would sell it for?
This is a good example of how the lamp market is for sellers lately


If this was my lamp I would not have sold it....and I don't like icons. LOL

Critter that was a seller mistake.

He listed it as a buy it now for that price.

Only to a point other icons have gone so low lately that when it got reliisted he dropped. I bought a Celestial (as a gift) got the box too for $28 shipped. Picked up another lovely mint Silver Century in box too for a song I just made an offer on an already low priced lamp. Consorts are way down too. Saw a nice glitter Consort sell for 50 range. The lamp market is down maybe it was artificially high and has now corrected. As a guy who seldom sells anything and mostly buys I love it.

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