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So, the wife and I took a trip out on the Island today to get a change of scenery and happened to pass a Kmart we didn't know was there as most on the Island were closed long ago.

I walk in and right near the registers is what is called a FLASH SALE "Get em while they last"

I already see the usual new suspects but I noticed on the bottom shelf the tube packages which always tell me older than newer. Then I look closer and see tubes that are taller than the 52oz tubes and get all excited.

Low and behold there was one brand new never opened royale and brand new never opened double play. I grabbed them quicker than you could possible imagine. The price was unknown but I didn't care until I went to get the prices checked and each was $15. I was tickled pink lol.

So the royale is out of the box and warming up. The globe is crystal clear thus far.

The double play I will setup tomorrow and hopefully in a few days get real good quality videos of both running at the same time.

I honestly thought I would never have either one as I think they are a very cool size. Photo below


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Awesome! Kmart comes through in the end!

Micheal, thanks, I just wish I knew about that store weeks ago and actually knew it was out there, god only knows what I might have missed including extra stock on both the double play and royale.

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