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She sat for 5 years, has been running for the past 2 weeks. Okay, so I was playing with the idea of bleaching her, which changed to possibly filtering her, which progressed to wanting to dye the blue liquid... Yeah, dyeing a lamp that only 200 were made of! Edit: Only 100, DOH! I realized that I'm just not thrilled to own this lamp!

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If you send it internationally I'll get it!!!
..paying the extra for shipping
LOL. How is it cheaper to send something that heavy overseas than it is to sen something much lighter only a few states away! Oh the wonders of shipping.
Ending today... WOOT! No bidders yet.
same colour way as my little lava world lamp
Well, I still have it... I've given a second chance offer to someone, but I doubt it. I just want $100! Didn't think it was gonna be sooo hard... might be draing her & refilling with Louie's stuff! ;)
If I do a Louie refill, I'm keeping it! LOL!
Yep, it's over... guess I've got a project! WOOT!

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