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Hey Gooheads,

So I decided to sell my blue/white grande. These are super rare, and if I remember the story correctly Lava Lite (back in the pre-china days) was doing a custom job for a company and the company backed out on it and LL was stuck with like 110 or 120 of these color combos. I dont recall the exact number but I do know that they are rarely found. The base and cap I painted black, the flow is excellent. This is the only picture I have at the moment (will take more on Sunday)

If your interested send me a offer and shoot me a message, shipping will be cheap.

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Im interested- sent a friend request

friend request accepted!

I love the black base too! It's my Valentine's Day present LOL

That looks like my giant I have!  :)

Actually it looks like MINE lmao

We have a WIN-AH!!

Heidi D said:

Actually it looks like MINE lmao

dang, the one week i get sick, i miss out on a lamp i've been trying to acquire for a few years!  enjoy it heidi!  let me know if things don't work out though as i'd love to have a blue/white giant/grrrande :)

Will do Brad...it's already got a spot in my house waiting for it!  Sorry you were sick

Nice score Heidi!!!!

Heidi is passing gooheads so this is still for sale. Here are a more recent pictures.

If I'd live in the US you could consider it sold,

but unfortunately the shpping makes it unrealistic.

but I would like to know what's going on with the excalibur on the far left, 

which color has the base, is it black, and is it custom goo/liquid?

Have 2 myself, but have never ever seen that color combo (blue/white, I suppose) 

I know Brad expressed an interest in this lamp right after Heidi locked in. You may want to contact him directly, I know he has been waiting for this globe for a while.

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