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Hey Gooheads,

So I decided to sell my blue/white grande. These are super rare, and if I remember the story correctly Lava Lite (back in the pre-china days) was doing a custom job for a company and the company backed out on it and LL was stuck with like 110 or 120 of these color combos. I dont recall the exact number but I do know that they are rarely found. The base and cap I painted black, the flow is excellent. This is the only picture I have at the moment (will take more on Sunday)

If your interested send me a offer and shoot me a message, shipping will be cheap.

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thanks voxul!  will let you know if things work out.  you are right in saying that i've been looking for a blue/white 250oz. for a few years

i thought long and hard and decided to save my cash for a giant.  this lamp is cool though, and i'm sure someone will enjoy it.

Still for sale if anyone is interested. Gonna post it on ebay on Sunday so if you want it let me know by then.

Great lamp! I made a blue/white grande with MT goo once. It just never looked as good as the Lavalite white wax does in blue liquid, so I dyed the wax a different color. I hope that lamp finds a good home. Good luck!

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