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Hey guys it's sad to inform you that I will listing my crestworth and satalite lamps on eBay including my galaxy also due to recently becoming unemployed :( I will post pics of them on here for you, if anyone is interested, let me know and maybe we can strike a deal. It going to be a emotional week. Cheers all

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Crestworth astro nordic glitterlite and crestworth Telstar
Crestworth astro, red wax, blue fluid (replacement bottle)
2x crestworth astrobabys plum wax blue fluid, red wax clear liquid (replacement bottle)
Astro nordic glitterlight orange liquid, large gold and fine silver glitter (original bottle)
Crestworth Telstar, green wax, blue liquid (replacement bottle)
Sata-lite, hunter, green wax, blue liquid (replacement bottle)
Crestworth galaxy, with replacement Perspex stand custom made to original specs
Lava brand, large oil fountain lamp, orange and clear oils (makes eruption noises as it works, can be turned off)
2x crestworth astrobabys, one is a early model. bottles needs replacing
5 or 6 mathmos jet base and caps
1x mathmos astro base and cap
2x chrome mathmos astrobaby base and caps
Sata-lite hunter lamp, dark copper, dark green liquid, copper glitter strands, liquid a little low, but once working expands to the cap.

So sorry to hear this. :( Good luck with your sales. Hopefully some people here will snatch these up! 

What rotten luck James, I nearly had to do this myself a while back. 

If I had the funds I would buy your lamps, store them and sell them back to you for the same price when things pick up for you. Unfortunately I am in a similar predicament and for what its worth can only get agency work.

I hope you get a good price for them and things get better for you soon.


I am so sorry to hear this! Have you listed these on Ebay yet? I would like to help out if possible. 

Hi James,

Hope things work out for you....I'm willing to help out too....I'm very interested in the Lava fountain lamp.  Sent you a PM. 

Hi James, sorry to hear that you lost your job.  Please keep us posted on the auctions.  I'm interested in the Nordic glitterlite if you're willing to ship to the US.  Cheers!  Kelly.

Hi, James.  Sent you a PM awhile ago. 

Shame your having to sell things off, I am interested in the lava fountain (i know jeff is as well) will send you a PM about it.

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