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Hi All -

Have not been on this site in many years but moved recently just next door and forgot I have many Colossus put away in a dry climate. I am giving first crack at you guys to purchase as I know they are rare and desired by many. I have at least 4 or 5. Some have never even been opened. Extra bulbs and bases etc.

Here is the catch I ... I am older and can not lift them much so buyer would have to pick them up or arrange packing / shipping. Will not be responsible once they leave my house of course. I assume all are in great condition. I do not remember all the color combos but believe I have Red/Clear, Purple/Yellow, Green/Yellow, Red/Purple etc. Also believe there are two glass table kits.

If interested send me a private request and we can chat. Only do so if serious please ....these will be very pricey as I know they are worth much. Let me know and thx guys ... good luck!


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Oh god

LOL - my thoughts exactly... no way my squirrel hole (or wife) will provide me with the required funds....

.....but maybe I can figure it out

I figured it out.  It ain't happening for me!

Sentrex said:

LOL - my thoughts exactly... no way my squirrel hole (or wife) will provide me with the required funds....

.....but maybe I can figure it out


We PMed once before back when I was still in college. I am still interested in the purple/yellow with a glass table. I don’t yet have the required funds, but in the coming years I certainly might. My collection has been growing and improving at little cost. The one rather large issue I have before shelling out the big bucks is that these lamps were known for their problems. Although the thought of a brand new Colossus is exciting and worth it, I would prefer to have seen it run and flow properly beforehand. I’m sure most gooheads would agree! Honestly wish I had a bunch of those lamps saved like you. I’m sure your investment will pay off.

where did you move too? Good luck.

Add as friend

Wil be in touch shortly

My colossus is crying out to be a bookend

I would like one of the tables.  Sent a friend request also  May  be interested in blue/yellow or red/clear depending on the price if I can afford another one 

I referred you to rod flygate for a purchase

Pleasee add me as friend so we can discuss things

Hi. Sent friend request

Are any still available?

Hi is there more available? 

Do you have a RED/CLear?

What state are you in?

What's the price?

Hi I would like to also like to know what color and the price you have. As well the location you are at to see if I can try to get one of these lamps 

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