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Nothing is for sale anymore. Thank you! ^.^

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No...NO...1000 times NO!
Ohmygawd Kempton...

I Eat Spam said:

Would you sell a consort -probably not- but had to ask?

sorry but he is selling and he may have done it.
I bought his entire stock of Consorts for $25.  I am just looking to upgrade the cap on my Astro lamp.  I will sell you any remaining Consorts at $100/lamp.
I sent you a friend request. The lamp is packed and ready to go. The shipping should cost about $15-$20. The base and cap have been put in their own box and those boxes have been put in another box so I do not see it getting damaged in shipping.
Well I got my bike, but I am still selling the items listed above. I am willing to take offers. You guys missed out on the wave tube, it turned out to be a great tube. :P
Do you still have the blue/white globe?

Autumn let's see a picture of it

Yes. If you want it, give me a friend request with your address and I will give you a shipping quote.

Shane Mahony said:
Do you still have the blue/white globe?

As soon as I opened the thread to post it, you asked. How convenient.

Battle scars.

I Eat Spam said:

Autumn let's see a picture of it

Congrats on the new ride  Autumn.

How many of the silver streak bases/caps do yo have left? I am looking for around 10 sets.


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