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Servicing and Sealing a Grande/Colossus lava lamp

Let start with opening the Cap

I see several member with issues on how to properly do so.

First, you will need these tools (or equivalent) and a small ball-peen hobby hammer

After removing any heat Shrink tubing (Colossus for example) 

Take the knife and gently and carefully start to create a opening between the glass and the Aluminum Cap for about 1/2 inch. Once that is completed. then use the small screwdriver to patiently pry away the cap from the glass.

Remember, You are not trying to do this all in one step!

(It takes several revolutions around the globe)

Then when you have it started, use the small nail remover to wiggle right and left to open the cap further until it is removable.

I find some Grandes are easy, some are not

Also, there are several cap sizes during production, so if your doing a couple of them, keep the caps and stoppers separated from others and with the globe they came with

 So here is your removed cap in the raw

Ok, Now gently take a small ball-peen hammer and tap it into submission of flatness.

This will make it easier to reattach when time comes and avoid gashes in hand

Final removed cap should look like this:

Now do whatever your going to do with re-gooing the globe

See String (Go big or go home)

Next it is time to redseal the globe

You will need this glue, along with some disposable hobby brushes, thin hose clamp (optional in my opinion) and masking tape along with some vinyl or heat shrink if you so desire

You can get this epoxy glue on Amazon 


But before we go ahead and glue things down, we want to make sure we are comfortable with what is to come. Your going to be tapping the cap back into sealed submission against the glass with your small hobby hammer, so we need to protect and "mistakes" from happening.

Take some masking tape and wrap the neck of the globe several revolutions until it feels "Padded".

I find a dozen makes it so. Leave a tab for easy removal.

Notice there is a small gap between the glass and stopper?

'Now, (Important) take your thumb and press into the center of the rubber stopper until it creates a small vacuum in the bottle and sits level with the glass./

Now it is time to mix the glue, 

if you are going to use a hose clamp to help seal and crimp the cap, set the screw at a short removable distance to the cap NOW! You will not have time once the epoxy is mixed!

Part A-squeeze about a quarter size blob onto some disposable cardboard 

(Perhaps I should mention to do this in a well ventilated area?)

Next Squeeze Part B until it flows to about the size of a half dollar (Equal parts) and start to mix with your disposable hobby brush. It will start to look whitish and stringy.

Now take and brush against the ridge of the cap by scraping off the glue from the brush as you circle around the inside of the cap. (Sorry no piocs,-no time)

When all used up, you can brush an even coat around inside of vertical part of cap so it is evenly distributed and/or do what I do and simply push the cap down onto the globe and spin it a few times thus distributing the glue evenly.

Now install and tighten your hose clamp is so desired

(If your confident to work fast enough with the next steps, then the hose clamp is probably not needed)

Now here is the tricky part some of you might cringe at.

You are going to HAMMER the CAP back into sealed submission

At a 45 degree, start tapping the edge of the cap that is hanging down past the rim of the globe.

DO NOT try to get it all in one pass.

Let the first pass start the seal, the proceed with 3/4 more revolutions until it is sealed

another shot

Once you have the cap looking close to what it looked like prior to removal, either use special bought heat shrink or several revolutions of vinyl tape to avoid any cut hands and allow for easier handling

Please note, this tape has NO VALUE in the sealing process, it is there to help handling the globe and avoiding any sharp edges.

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Nice write up, sadly, my empty grande was given to a friend to turn into some type of unlava type lamp. Whatever he does I am fine with as it has a new home

By the way, can you imagine taking an empty grande bottle and filling with colored marbles then simply putting back on base and lighting it up. Could be a nice piece :)

Great idea it'll make you so the globe and still maintain it as a lamp

^^ Yep!

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