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hi guys well my listing for my lava lite wave machine has ended and to say i was supprised  is a understatment, it went for £170, i have never been into these things,but  if they lit up it may be different,i do have another one but i have had to make a repair to it, the little black stopper has perished and gone into the main vessel, i sealed the hole ok and it does not leak but it has a little annoying black bung floating in it, any one no what the contents of these are  

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I can remember wave machines being showcased on Tomorrows World T.V. back in the early seventies. As a kid I thought they were out of this world, I so wanted one but way beyond my poor hard working parents means at the time, as were Chopper Bikes and Colour TVs back then, but they did get me an Astro Lamp ! I would say £170. is about right.

Peter :)

That's a fantastic return, well done !.....although I must express my disappointment 'cause I wanted it - but someone wanted it more !


Pete, your showing your age......I remember Tomorrow's World too.....and chopper bikes.  Like you I wanted one but it was over a months wages for my folks back in them days.  I also wanted a gyroscope.......never got one of those either.


....say, bet you don't remember another old program called "How" ? 

Fred Dinage & Bunty !

I got a gyroscope one christmas.

Glo Globs putty !

'HOW' :)

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