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A couple of days ago I purchased a brand new Mathmos Smart Astro direct from Mathmos, it´s the green-yellow variant, was supposed to be the Crown Jewel of lava lamps, or at least that´s what I imagined, silly me. Pretty much everything is wrong with it, the way the bottle fits in the base is pretty wobbly, the led lights sometimes f...s up, cycling really fats through a limited part of the color spectrum, unable to turn off on the button etc. but the worst part is the quality and texture of the wax, it´s so bubbly and grainy looking, the wax takes 2 hours to start moving, and at 3 hours the wax just seems to disintegrate into lots and lots of tiny blobs moving around in an unpleasing way... it´s as if the lamp gets too hot... don´t know why, I never use it for more than the recommended 6 hrs. at a time... if anyone has any helpful, I´ll be grateful if you´ll let me know, thanks :-)

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This sucks. Sorry for your dissapoinment. My two work perfectly well although I did have trouble turning one of them off the other day and had to switch it off at the mains. Perhaps you should send it back for a replacement, however postage could be an issue and you're overseas.



Send it back, and find some nice USA made lamps!!  :-)

Sorry to hear it. I would send it back immediately. Can you post pics?

i still think they aint got it right yet, the flow just aint as good as it should be

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