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So you have a grande and it needs to be filtered. Here is what you need to know.

So you are probably wondering how to get a grande as clear as mine.

When I first got my grande is was so cloudy you could not see through it at all. My first idea was to see how it ran. It ran okay but not great. I let it sit for about a week for everything to settle down from shipping.


After everything settled down I ran it as long as I could before it overheated to break in the wax. This step is crucial! You must break in the wax before you even think about tampering with the insides! The people who say "omg these lamps are made with transparent wax, they are junk!" are fools. The wax is only transparent during the break in time or if the lamp is overheated. So run the lamp every day for as long as it can before it starts making tiny blobs of wax. Break in time depends on how often you run the lamp. To fully break in a lamp you will need to run the lamp once a day for at least 5 hours for two weeks.


Now that your wax is broken in you can move to the next phase. Run the lamp on a dimmer at whatever level necessary to keep it from overheating for five days. After the five days let it sit for three weeks. I am not sure what clouds these lamps, but I know that the white powder that settles at the bottom is a big cause. This stuff will accumulate as the lamp sits.


Now that your lamp is prepped for filtering you need to have a few things prepared. You will need two one gallon distilled water jugs. I use them because I know they are very clean and will not have any contaminates in them. If you store the liquid in some containers it can cloud up and ruin the liquid so be careful what you store it in. A funnel also helps in the pouring. You also need an MSR filter pump. I have not tried any other filter so I do not know how they will perform. You will also need a flat heat screw driver to take the cap off.


Its best to do this all in the kitchen because you will need the sink sprayer. Gentle pry around the rim of the cap with a screw driver to pop it off. Gently pour the liquid into the water jugs and try to make sure the white stuff at the bottom of the lamp stays at the bottom. You do not want this stuff going through the filter. Once the lamp is empty hold it upside down in the sink and spray cold water inside the lamp. Make sure to wash off the bottom of the wax chunk so no white powder is left.


Now put the MSR filter pump hose into the jug and filter the liquid back into the lamp. Once your done run it to make sure everything is okay. You might need to top off the lamp with distilled water so the liquid reaches the cap. To put the cap on just crimp the cap back on using a lot of finger strength and the tip of the screw driver. This is the most "fun" part so be prepared for a finger workout.




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I live in a NY apartment.  We don't have sink sprayers.
Get one! Maybe a shower head?

Rici Faulkner said:
I live in a NY apartment.  We don't have sink sprayers.

Great write up!!

How much distilled water did you need to put back in?

About 10 ml.

WeeboTech said:

Great write up!!

How much distilled water did you need to put back in?

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