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I see that Spencer's website has those neon's available now. Have to go see what these look like in person to see if there are worth it. Autumn do you know if there more colors available or is this it?  These remind me of the old days of the midnight aristocrats minus the pinholes.

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Just bought one of these today for my girlfriend. She fell in love with the color. I'll let everyone know how it looks after a few days of running.

lava luva ~ Tiffany said:

my walmart now has the watermelon pink neons but they are only 20ozs :(

I have yet to get a neon but probably will after christmas - i am hoping that the UK ones are as good as the ones in the US (i am sure they are)

Regarding the 52oz'ers I hope that they sell them but as we know the 12oz'ers are bankrolling the larger lamps so I guess we have to put up with seeing the shelves stocked with small lamps and look out for the larger ones when they arrive.

Still waiting to hear from Metallica Man is those blue and watermelon from spencers are just 20 oz globes?....

I saw a 20oz Neon on Spensers website a couple days.

Yesterday I went to the local Spensers...I didn't get to look through all of the lamps, but I didn't see any 20oz Neons.  I did see yellow/clear and green/clear 52oz Neons.

Dr. WHAT?! said:

I sure hope its 52 oz, anything smaller is a giant waste....

I do notice that Spencers online has greatly reduced the amount of available lamps.

Got my Neon Watermelon at WAL*MART , believe it or not for just  $13.85 after tax   $12.97 before tax !  Works good too .. if we have our blinds rasied for the candles in the windows ... well then it just heats up the wax til it melts and sits at the bottom . Once i close the blinds .. and pick up the vesel in my hand and GENTLY tilt it and then back up   it starts flowing PERFECT !!  And its still crystal clear as well ...... this is a great lamp for a great price i paid !
Metallica man said:

My spencers now has a neon blue that looks on par with mathmos turquoise, and a watermelon neon. Which is a nice neon pink

sorry havent been on much. They were 20oz. Sorry sorry
Dr. WHAT?! said:

Still waiting to hear from Metallica Man is those blue and watermelon from spencers are just 20 oz globes?....

lol no worries lol I figured as much.

Autumn can you find out if they are going to complete the neon series properly by releasing these other 2 colors in a 52 oz? I think its lame that they wouldn't do that. And the blue is the sweetest color but its in the smallest globe? lol no need to express my feelings for the creative department again lol....

I would like to know as well, I have the smaller blue and love it but prefer the 52oz lamps.

I decided to order one of these in purple from their website, and sadly it arrived rather cloudy. Other than that, the color is great.

On the bright side, the Grande I just received from LL is absolutely crystal clear. Even my Astros never looked this good! Hopefully the QC has improved similarly across the line and it's just a matter of clearing out the old stock.

I wanted to revisit this discussion to ask a question.  Has anyone else noticed the wax color fading in these?  It seems that the color in mine (yellow, purple, watermelon, green) is not as vibrant as it was, especially in the green.  I'm seeing this in my neon green grande also.  Honestly the green is starting to look blah, to the point that I'm considering adding some green dye to liven up the color.

I saw the green neon on display at my local spencers fade from vibrant green to pale greenish wax with cloudy water. It has since been replaced, but it only took about six months for the fading to occur. Spencers does over run their lamps, but still.

Keith and Cowmation,

My 16 year old son ABSOLUTELY had to have one of these for his bedroom.  Ok, first one I bought, I thought I fried from letting it overheat.  It started to get brown gunk in the coil and faded to a sickly greenish yellow color that resembled puke.  I sent pics in to LL along with the receipt, blah, blah, blah.  Got a replacement.  A purple fluid/yellow lava. 


No. 2 green neon which I repurchased from Spencer's in August.  It's only November.  Again, brown gunk in coil.  Aside from the fact that I COVER this lamp EVERY day with a black pillowcase, again, it is a sickly brownish, yellowish green.  Not the neon green it once was a short 6 months prior. 


My purple Neon also experienced the same metamorphosis.  Went through 2 lamps.  Started out neon purple.  In a few short months looked pink which I didn't mind.  At least it still did look a pretty color.  I will never again buy anything supposedly "Neon" from LL.  I'm done. 


I too might add some green dye to my son's lamp.  Worse case scenario, i'll end up kitting it.  My green kit is vibrant and will probably stay that way longer then 6 months.

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