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Us collectors and Goo-heads all know how difficult it is to keep an inventory of extra springs.
And then there are the 4/5 Sizes to contend with.

I have experimented with a few replacement solutions.

If you're doing a redo of a grande, you have a couple options.

You can use one of these stainless sink strainers (available at home centers and Walmart)

Turned upside down with mesh facing upwards


I simply add a few dabs of silicone to the bottom of the strainer to hold it in place.

Use a mechanic tool grabber to set in place onto a clean dry globe

Option 2

And so obvious and easy, its a wonder I haven't thought of it before.
Stainless Steel Ball Bearings.

Here is how one worked out in a recent lamp redo

As you can see, the proper number of them is needed to fit perfectly


1) make sure they are  a Food Industry Grande 430 or better of Stainless Steel  

2) Clean them with Acetone and then hot water and dawn to decrease them

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Great ideas Claude! Thank you!

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