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Anyone know how i could piece together a leg of a starship base? my son broke it :( haha

i tried crazy glue, but apparently it doesnt work on white metal

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what color is base.. if its black try some JB weld .. .. I use that for a million things around the home that break

just a thought


oh i just re read... sorry 


lol :P i thought of saulder, but we dont have any here :(
I think Jimbo may have some spare rocket legs give him a try.
Yes, jim has some legs. I got a starship in the mail and one of the legs was broken in 2 places. Super glue fixed them and its been over a year since I fixed it.

Shoot me a note Diin.  :-)


Should have everything you need - extra legs and tool kits to secure the leg to your lamp.


Oh - and the price will be right as well.  You pay shipping and a couple of token dollars for principle.

id probably need the tools to put it on, as well as the leg :P lol. ill shoot you a message with my address and stuff :)

Thanks jimbo

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