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Which is older, the starship design with the solid legs or the wire legs?


Does anybody know the exact dates of production for the two models?

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Thanks for the input Andreww.
Hi mandysbus: I'm a little on the broke side right now but I'm interested for future reference. I'd like to own one. I fly model rockets and it would look great in my hobby room. Do you have a photo of the black lamp in operation you could post for me? Are you the member that airbrushes custom bases? Nice work if you are.
Sorry about that. I thought it was a 20 oz. Now that you mention it, it makes more sense for it to be an accent size lamp. The formula in those globes is the worst of all the lava formulas in the entire universe and beyond. I've never seen one that wasn't cloudy straight out of the box.
this is phil...........mandy is the one that painted bases....she did them all freehand with a brush not an airbrush...
mandy has moved on.....i still have about half the lamps we collected and just bought some more last week....
i'll try and get a pic of the black rocket....PHIL
Thanks Phil. Looking forward to seeing it. I'd rather have a black one with holes than a silver one. I think it just looks better.
any preference on the globe?..it has a yellow lava/blue liquid on it now...
yellow/blue is fine but I think it would look great with a yellow/purple or red/blue. Are you asking my preference in the event I would like to purchase it or is this just for the pic? Whatever color I could get I'd really prefer the liquid be crystal clear without a hint of cloudiness. I just hate cloudy liquid. Don't we all! LOL!
i have at least 40 or 50 extra globes...
i'll have to see what i have in those colors
@mandysbus(cant reply to your post for some reason)
If you have a bunch of extra globes you dont mind selling than do you have any of the following in 32oz?

I am trying to get 1 of every color. Let me know if you want to sell me some and what you want for each globe and we can talk in private messages and not hijack lavameisters thread..

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