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Paul Steer
i purchased a white fluidium from him and the whole inside of the base was burned out, melted, no where in the description did he mention this being as issue. a waste of £160!!!! PayPal ruled against me, the fucking bastards. evil fucking bastards, both of them

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Sorry about your lamp. I understand what you mean. I purchased a lamp on Ebay also and the lamp wasn't as described. It was supposed to be blue fluid/green lava, NIB. When I got it, it wasn't blue fluid but some kinda pale yellowish color and the lava was yellow. It doesn't even work right. That was a rip off. I asked the person why it wasn't what they said. They said "it looked like it was green lava/blue fluid to me" Lamp was used one and probably worn out. Paypal isn't in my corner either.
No wonder you're gutted! That is a real bummer.
Sorry to hear a bout your ebay problem with your Fluidium, and sorry that pay pal has been an Arse Hole and unfair.
I agree. I occasionally scan ebay for lamps and when I see something I like or am curious about, I ask some questions. I was doing this on one lamp that was listed. It showed a picture of a clear/red silver streak. However after several messages back and forth, I found out the lamp was not red, but orange and the cap color said it was orange. However the photo showed clear/red. The seller then told me it was a pic he found through google and said it was similar to his. He then after some more talking, changed the photo to another picture that matched what he was telling me.

He had a pic of a clear/red and the auction stated orange. It was an orange/white lamp. Talk about confusing. Imagine if I was just a regular buyer and not knowledgeable in this stuff. I would have been pissed.
yeah i bought a yellow jet dayglow and in the listing it didn't say it was burned out thankfully the buyer did refund me and give the lamp free as good willing. It's so slow getting paypal to do anything and they don't alway's get it right. The law would grant this as misleading and you should of won. Paypal what a waist of time.
PayPal tried that crap with me. It didn't fly. I paid with a credit card, so I just filed a chargeback with the credit card company, I then called PayPal and bitched them out. They refunded my money. You have to call them and threaten them. Don't just take their BS about, the claim being found in the Seller's favor and there is no other alternative- there absolutely is if you always pay with a credit card, then you have more backing to go at them with. If you paid with your bank account, you are screwed, that is why they always try to get you to pay with a bank account first and you have to change the payment menthod to credit card (extra steps). They don't want to fight a chargeback. Stick it to them. I would.
hmmm... do you know if that works with a debit card too or just a credit card?
In general only with credit cards. Depending on which bank your debit card is with, they MAY allow chargebacks. Off-hand though, I don't know of any that do.
Yeah, it's a credit card thing. Just use the credit card to purchase, then immediately do an online bill pay from your bank account to the credit card. That way no fees or interest, but you still get the buying protection of the credit card. I never carry a balance on my credit card, I always pay it every month- but I buy literally everything with it, so I am protected from tools who try to rip people off. Debit cards suck because they can over draw your account if you don't pay close attention - something I hate worrying about.. Credit Cards are fantastic when used properly. Plus my Chase credit card sends me $250.00 cash reward checks twice a year for my spending. Get rewarded and protected for you purchases I say. A debit card never rewarded me with anything but overdraft fees.

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