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Sticky Wax/Empty bottles? Anyone know where I can find one?

Hi everyone! Just have a few ?s about my lamps:

1)Where can I find an empty 32oz globe?

2)Why does the wax stick to the sides of the glass after making new fluid?

3)Should I cap working globes before or after the lamp reaches max temperature?


I have been experimenting with clearing up old foggy lamps by making new water from the epsom salt/soap solution with great results except that some of the wax adheres to the bottom inside surface of the globe. Also, one of my globes is cracked. I looked on ebay for an empty one with no luck but decided I'd try here. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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Try American Science and Surplus.  :-)
1) People on this site have lots of empty 32oz bottles left over from their LL projects.

2) I used to have lots of problems with my lava sticking to the glass when I used the Salt/Soap in purified water liquid mix. Then I switched to using Fog Machine Liquid and purified water with almost no soap and the sticking stopped completely. You didn't mention if you were adding any PERC to the lava so I assume you're not, but PERC will cause sticking if you use too much or allow it to contact the glass directly.

3) When I recap I always recap HOT not cold.
Thanks! No PERC, I'm a minimalist when it comes to chemicals and the wax seems to behave just as it did before. What makes it stick with the epsom salt I wonder? Where can I get the right fog machine liquid? Thanks!

"Fools rush where angels fear to tread." No I am not calling you a fool but just making the point that once you start going down the path of tweaking either the Lava or the liquid there are more ways to get it wrong than right. And for every question asked three explanations are needed before an answer can be given and each of those explanations raises more questions. I have posted some of my experiences under my prior posts.


You can find fog machine liquid at a number of places. I get mine at a party discount store for $16 a gallon.

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