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I'm embarassed to admit in my overconfidence at fixing 3 gift lava lamps last month, I went and fried the wax in my own coveted blue lamp. :( Soooo... I'm awaiting my Gookit order. I was wondering what was the best way to clean out the globe (52oz.). I have the wax out now, but I don't want any residue from my mistakes lingering inside when I do the Goo Kit. Ideas? Reccomondations???

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HOT HOT HOT water. If you want, a drop or two of dawn with hot hot hot water, swirl it around dump, rinse and let dry. If you have something on the glass, you will need a bottle brush to get it off.
The goo would only stick to the glass sides before I gave up on it. That's why I'm worried about residue. I boiled the wax down and poured it out already. Haven't found a bottle brush skinny enough yet to fit in the opening at the top. Argh! I used the tiniest drop of Dawn to "fix" it previously. I think that changed the composition of the old wax. :(
Try baking the globe in the oven, bottle neck down on 350 for about 30-40 minutes... gets the goo out.
HOT HOT HOT water is what I ended up going with. It even ~looks~ cleaner now. I think I should be ok.

I miss my lamp tho. I can't wait to get my kit.

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