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After some careful reading here, I have decided to attempt some sun fading on three of my 52 ounce globes. These are just too dark at night to even see. They are China globes with the sparkly flaws in them so I'm hoping that the fading process will minimize the effect that those flaws have on their appearance when lit.

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two days in the sun now, no appreciable difference noticed.  Its overcast today, not sure it will accomplish much but they are out there...

Phil, I left my Grande out for 3 months, and I can't tell that it faded at all.   I think I made a mistake leaving it on the porch where it just got the afternoon sun, but really had no other place to put it safely.   We have a lot of wildlife up here that might have knocked it over, if left out in the yard.   Good luck, 52 oz. globes should be easier to fade than a Grande.

I faded a 20oz fairly quickly but not days, maybe a week out in South Florida sun, i set it down where it would get sun from 11am to about 5-6pm

Those "sparkly flaws" are air bubbles caught in the glass during manufacture, so I'd be surprised if anything can affect those...

i decided that i would return those to the store and swapped em out for another set of neon 52s... end of experiment 

Good choice. I think of we keep returning these terribly flowing lamps and lamps with bad defects over and over again eventually LL will have to pick up the quality to cut their losses..

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