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Ok so its not a glitter lamp but it is as close to a glitter lamp one can get while still being homemade. the lamp liquid cost less than 5 dollars total. 


The liquid is dollar store eye shadow in water with a dash of soap and food coloring. I don't know what the soap does but I think it helps the eye shadow stay suspended in the liquid loner without sinking so fast, too much will block the light and the top of the bottle doesn't light up. It is a very "chill and mellow" swirl as subtle and looks like a wisp of smoke. It takes a 40watt bulb to get hot enough to swirl acceptably. It is the exact same thing as a glitter lamp but the glitter is much much smaller and there is a lot more of it.

There are a couple more test I want to run but don't have the time to do them all riht now:

eye shadow in rubbing alcohol - it is less viscous and might flow faster than the water but it miht not hold as much of the eye shadow

ES and oil - might move slower but will hold more ES

"PearlEX" (a powdered pigment with similar properties to ES) as a substitute - since it is a powdered pigment it might stay in suspension better than the eye shadow but it costs 5X as much (although 5 dollars will let you make several lamps) 

What I have in there now is 1 liter of water and 2 or 3 knife blade scoops of the ES. 

I want it to be a faster swirl with a higher saturation of ES in the liquid. As soon as my friend finishes his bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin I'll post some pics of the swirl in the bottle.

I developed this idea as an alternative to a liquor bottle lava lamp for bottle like Jack Daniels and Bombay, bottles with labels that obstruct the main body of the bottle


Just saw someone use pearly hand soap in water. I wonder if that would hold thicker clouds...

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Call him up and go "DRINK!...DRINK!...DRINK!" :p

Loren.....LOL! :P

Loren said:

Call him up and go "DRINK!...DRINK!...DRINK!" :p

Ahem...sorry! LOL!

There is like 2 or 3 drinks left in the bottle so we should be done with it this weekend

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