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Come on!

They must be kidding.

By the way, they're doing something cool for their 50th, but you won't be able to buy it:

Worlds Biggest Lava Lamp

Southbank Centre Shop, Royal Festival Hall
11th-30th September 2013

Mathmos unveil the biggest lava lamp in the world; 200 liters of Mathmos' unique lava lamp formula.

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Mathmos still produce a vastly superior product when all is said and done!

I wonder how much of it comes down to simple business and trying to stay in the black. It's ok to say 'why didn't they do this...' but the manufacturing industry in the UK has almost disappeared, and the costs of building new machines and design/storage/advertising of a completely new lamp probably costs more than they'd make back on it in the short term. I imagine It's the reason some of the lower selling ones aren't still in production.

For Mathmos to continue to operate in the current economic climate they've either got to be very savvy, or source cheaper production in another country which none of us want. I'd rather have a quality Astro than a cheapy new product. Even our most famous brands like Cadbury are no longer UK owned so if Mathmos did this to safeguard their profits then maybe a risk wasn't worth it.

Production in the UK is a very rare thing.

Maybe that's not the only reason but i'm sure it's part of it.

^^^ See, now that's productive. 

We don't make anything here in the US anymore, either. Or very little. I can see why there's such pride in the Mathmos product; I'd be stoked too if my new lamps were made in the US. It's why so many of us in the states buy vintage, US-made ones. 

No one (or very few of us) here want to pay $60 for lamp, so in order for Lava Lite to stay profitable, they move production to China. $20 lamps means $20 quality. 

Some of us are loyal to Lava Lite (or at least the vintage ones) and some of us keep hoping and hoping things will turn around, but I think we all know that's not going to happen.

I honestly think both companies dropped the ball a little with the 50th, but Lava Lite did so in the most awful of fashion. It was nothing but a mere afterthought on their Facebook page. 

I think we all know and agree that Mathmos quality is above Lava Lite, but that's a statement so obvious that it doesn't seem productive to keep blurting it out. 

Please stop thet out of subject.

If you want to talk about Lavalite Vs Mathmos, do your own thread.

This one is about how Mathmos dealt with their 50th birthday.

Thank you!

My lamp came today!


I was opening it at work to have a look and the woman opposite said 'oooh... Mathmos' and actually knew what it was. I did not know I shared a desk with a fellow enthusiast! She's only got a Telstar but did acknowledge that they're the best ones and wouldn't buy anything else. :)


Can't wait to get home and have it running, quite surprised about how small the logo on the bottle is. It looks less naff than I expected.

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