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Whoo-hoo!  44 Lava lamps; five Mathmos lamps; a neon LAVA sign; two Enhance lamps, one horse skeleton; seven human skels; an air conditioner; and assorted other crap went to the climate controlled storage unit last weekend!  The build site is (almost) cleared; the septic is approved; the water line is set to be pulled; and we meet with the builder to stake the lot in two weeks! 

Now I just have a dozen or so more Mathmos lamps; about 140 more Lava lamps; an animated Laughing Hag prop; the casket (with the dead guy and a crap load of LED lights); a huge stash of bulbs; the Colossus; a huge picture of a naked redhead (not me); and two more skeletons to get ready for storage...  Plus the 21 assorted Mathmos and Lava lamps that didn't fit in the truck last weekend.

I've got way too much stuff! 

Here's the build site:

Here's the before:

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How exciting!!  I love the wooded setting.

I think Lady Godiva took off too much for her horse ride!

Hahahaha! The neighbor boys loved that! We've dressed up skels every year, they think it's cool. By far the coolest were the years we were "the Cheverly Hillbillies." We had an outhouse on the front lawn with a talking glow in the dark skeleton complete with corn cob and pants around the ankles... It took them a few minutes to figure out the whole outhouse thing, but once they saw the toilet seat, they thought it was hilarious! ;)
Haha, loving this post.

best of luck with your build

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