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Our new chat is bada**. It may take a little to get used to, but it is screaming fast and much improved over the old version. The idea here is promote chat and get the Lava Line active and crazier than ever!

Here are a couple of tips on how to get the most out of it. The control for the Chat is in the bar at the bottom of every page. You can choose to pop-out a separate window (that is the first arrow) or just expand the chat (second arrow) - that is my favorite. It is real easy to just slide it open and then close it down.

Now, you can navigate Oozing Goo and chat at the same time better than ever.

Here's what is working great for me. As soon as I log in to the Goo, I expand the Chat and click on the speaker icon. This will play a little bell sound whenever anyone posts a chat comment. This is real gem of the new system. Once you turn that speaker on, you won't miss any of the action on the Lava Line!

See you there!
Mark Goo

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This new chat is great.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Roger! It's a little different at first, but once you get used to it - you realize that it is way better due to how you can pop it up and down and have the sound notifications.
Yes i love it too mark. i wasn't sure at first but it didn't take too much getting used to and now it's great!
It's really nice. I can use my mouses back button correctly without the old chat window messing up how the page worked. Anyone know what I am talking about? It was annoying.

So much better now!
No prob everyone!
Now, lets just use it. ;-)
It will get used if the first thing you do when you visit the Goo, is turn the sound on.
Is there anyway to turn this feature off ? It is really hanging badly when you are trying to surf, it takes too long to load. I tryed logging out but you cant surf then, if you turn it off it still loads everytime just in "off" mode but it still drags.

Anyone else having problems ? I know its not my PC or connection, every other website I visit loads in a second.
Having some similar issues. Ever since the new chat, FireFox has crashed a few times and even hung. Same with IE. Also having load time issues as well. Would not be bad if the thing did not reload with every single page refresh. Ugh.
Mark - chat is broken. :(



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