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I was about ready to GooKit my glitter Grande from Mike, and then I realized I didn't have a spare coil. I've read through several threads on here about coils (including the most definitive one started by Kris) and I still am not certain what I need. 


Someone in that thread mentioned that the coil needs to be stainless steel. Makes sense. But, the coils purchased from Lowe's were zinc-plated, and someone said those would corrode over time.


If anyone has replaced a coil with something and it's worked, can you post it here? 


Does zinc-plated truly corrode in our lamps, and if so, how long does it take to corrode?


I'll update this post after I search the hardware stores here. I am also going to write Magma Tower and once and for all find out how you're supposed to use those mesh screens they now include with GooKits (what happened to the coils?!). 

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OK, here's Magma Tower's response:


Dear xxxxx,

bend them, cut into them to form the screen. Many people prefer the coil which you can buy at a hardware store.

- magmatower10

From: xxxxx
To: magmatower10
Subject: Other: callisto9 sent a message about Goo Kit, Standard for Lava Lamps from Magma Tower #140411421393
Sent Date: Aug-16-11 11:42:30 PDT


Dear magmatower10,

Hello! This is my 2nd GooKit I've ordered. Can you tell me how to use the mesh screen? No one on OozingGoo seems to know how it's supposed to be used. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

- Erin
That's a whole lotta not helpful! 


I think both are the same, 10092302. I can only make out the top part of the 3rd number and last number on one lamp but I think it is the same. The other number in red is H6824 on both. What date is that date code?


One of the springs is about 2.5" o.s. dia. and the other is a little smaller then the bottom. I really like the flow of them, just not the cloudiness. I'm going to gookit one this weekend using the 2- springs and I might try the pur filter on the less cloudy one.


Dr. WHAT?! said:

Hey Brent, it's odd that your grande came with 2 coils in them, Whats the manufacturer date on it? All I've ever seen was one big coil in them, but either way you would just whats in there, I wouldn't use the screen.

Ok, I have pricing based on these specs:


1. Outside diameter:   5/16"

2. Wire size:   .020" (a little thicker than the vintage coils which were .014") 

3. Length:   5.5"

4. # of coils - 25-50

5. end type:   Closed and ground ends


My only problem is I'd like to show them a picture of an un-attached coil so I can show the lady who's given me the quote the ends and how they are wound closer together. I've looked all over and can't find this pic. Anyone have one?

Pricing is $5.00/each for 25 or $3.00/each for 50. 

I really want to get this order right since I'm going to absorb all the cost myself. Any hints or advice before I place the order would be great. Thanks. 


will this work?

I need it not in a circle. I need a pic of the ends.

Erin this may help, even though it is a circle.  Where the ends come together the coil is wrapped tight, not springy.  The two ends just push together to form the circle


Erin said:

I need it not in a circle. I need a pic of the ends.

That does help. Thank you! 


Does the length seem OK to everyone? Autumn told me his coil for a 32oz. globe was 7.5", which seemed long to me. In another thread, I read 7.5" and Kris used a 3" spring and stretched it out. 

I will post a pic later today of a spring laid out straight.


 Note: LL used some type of glue on the spring ends to hold it together although I have used a few that I removed the glue from and never had problems. As long as the ends of the coil are tightly wound it will hold together.

Here are the pics

 The spring on the left is from a old 52oz, the spring on the right is from a late 90's 32oz. The 32oz spring is the one I measured length wise. The 32oz spring is exactly a 2 inch diameter and 5 3/4 length, it has 13 coils per inch of spring.





  Put me down for 10 springs if you do decide to get them, I can always use them for Gookits in the future.

Thank you so much Jim! I'm wondering if I might be better off ordering the 52oz. coils instead. I think those are better to GooKit than the 32oz, no? And, with all the Designer bases coming out that are decent, I'm wondering if that's the globe to GooKit.


Jim, do you have a 52oz. one you can measure? Thanks again for the measuring of the 32oz. coil. That's exactly what I needed!


MJM, I realize what I am embarking upon may be expensive. However, I have yet to find anything local that's stainless steel. Plus, I figure it can help out some members here, too.

Duly noted; carry on.
Per Jim (Lamphead): The 52oz coil is 8 inches long, 10 coils per inch.

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