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Hi Everyone!
I am a new member and long time Lava head. I have 2 Colossuses. I have a yellow wax and blue Liquid and also a yellow wax purple liquid. The Yellow with purple seems like it is a slightly different lava color now. I have only used it maybe 10 times. The orange look to the lava seems more cherry to me. I could post pics but when I take them the difference does not seem as great. It does not appear cloudy and still looks good. Id this normal? Just does not look as vibrant and cool as before but still looks good. Thanks all!
BTW any rumors of any colors coming for 2009 like white lava and blue liquid?

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Thanks for the info ....Bohdan
Just found out something. Think I have lost 2 many brain cells. I shined a flashlight on the Colossus after it was flowing and found that the yellow wax was truly yellow. Sooo if you have more light on lamp from outside (not sunlight) it gives it a much better contrast and the blobs look orange rather than red. I noticed in your pic there is plenty of light on and it looks way cool. If there is no light on then it will look red and less exciting. Agree?
I think my Blue with yellow wax is the coolest though so far.
I keep spending to much! Want one more What do you think would be another cool color. Seems like the purple and red would not be that great and hear the other clear ones are problematic. Maybe another Blue/green?
Thanks All!
How about these ... Know anything about them?

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