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I need advice from the experts in this field. I have a 750ML (approx 24 ounces) glass crystal head. I want to make my very first custom lamp. I didn't put this in a specific group only because I wanted to get as much input on this as I can. I posted several pics to illistrate my questions. for starters I am not sure how to secure the top. The cork is wood topped with like a high quality foam to seal the glass. I am afraid this will melt.. Not sure on an alternative solution. I am iffy on the base, should I go standard, or go completely scratch on this whole thing. but right now my main concern is the seal on top. I am sure someone has done this allready, but I want to give it a go also. any input would be great.


As far as color still on the fence, I was thinking florescent green or blue with a black light in backround and either a blue bulb or red bulb underneath., to make the crystal glow and the wax emphasizing inside  the skull.


as for the base, I want to go black, but not sure on its form. should I go witht he can idea from other peeps or..


So what you all think of this project?

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wow, that was a great idea!

Okay, so I guess I'm over three years late. Dr. WHAT?!, you guys have been talking about exactly what I'm trying to do!

That is, make a lava lamp out of the Crystal Head vodka bottle. I've got the 1.75L size and I've already gotten the contents (most of) two 32 oz lava lamps into it. I just got the two lamps running good, popped the caps and very gently poured them into the skull bottle (coaxed the spring-coils out with a coat-hanger). It seems to have worked okay (not getting cloudy) but I haven't actually heated it up again since that time.

What I have seen very little about is the re-capping process. Is it better to do it cold? Or do it while it is hot and in motion? I think if if I cap it when cold, positive pressure (probably significant) will develop. If I cap it hot, it will draw a vacuum as it cools. One person I found online said you cap it cool and "burp it" as it heats up the first time. I think that would leave me back in the vacuum scenario when it cools again.

Any thoughts on this? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I'm new at this!



They are capped cold at the factory.  I have recapped a couple and I capped them cold with no problems.

Thanks, Keith, I'm getting pretty close to that point.

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