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Does anyone know if these ever come up for sale? How much? And what did they go for when the originally sold? I wonder if they made many of these.
Thanks Guys

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Do you know if many were made and how often do you see them on Ebay ....
You are the best !
I recently sold my empty one for $1,200.00 (the same price I paid for it). It went to a good home and he re-filled it.
Wow .. Got another??? They are not as big as the colossus right?
I own one I purchased from the original owner. He said he purchased it in 1966 from a walk in salesman (he was a dentist) for $250. It sat in the dentist office till about 1975 and was then stored in a heated garage until I bought it in about 2002-2003. Its cloudy but will clear up when you let it sit, it goes crystal clear but as soon as you run it, it clouds. I have been unable to break the seal at the top as I would like to try to clear it (filter pump).

Im not sure where I got this picture, I know it was from here but im unsure of the member who originally posted it.....it shows the price of $149.50 and the 3 color choices


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