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I thought it a good idea to start a thread just for Grande owners.

Your concerns, comments, opinions and suggestions all in one convienient thread :)


I have 2, a purple/yellow from Amazon waiting for a replacement globe due to the now

controversial "cloudy" issue which has been ackknowledged by LL to be a manufacturing


My other, from Lamps Plus.com, is blue with yellow lava.

It's on the cloudy side, and I am trying to get that one replaced also.


I have no idea when they will be shipping the "corrected" globes, but at least I am on the list!


I love the idea of a giant 250oz lava lamp :)

The look, and flow are completly different from the 52oz versions, and if they can only get

their act together, I will buy another.


I really heart this big lamps :)

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Goo kits for the win, besides, its more fun to do, because you can say " I made that"

Oh I am keeping them, I havent given up yet ;)

I am going to do the GooKit treatment on the worst one as soon as I get the goo colors I ordered.

Don Souliere said:

Stan, dont throw the cloudy ones away, save them to learn how to use kits to fix, OR sell them to me =)

I dont know what you mean by new formula, but they will have a new catalog with new models late 2011.

That doesnt mean they are going to make them any better to solve the cloudy problem, since they dont

even consider it a problem to begin with. They say their formula has not changed, yet folks are getting

cloudy LL's were this had not happened before.

Bohdan said:

It now looks like there new Formula lamps will arrive at the end of 2011 and may go into 2012.  At this time I believe they will once more make a statement and let all know that they are on top of the problem. If LL cannot have a new run on Lamps by the end of 2011 and then let us know that there will be better lamps for 2012 they are just playing around and it will never happen. Once again we shall wait and see for November. Already one of there major distributors has  posted on there page new lamps coming late in 2011.



I just added 4 new pics of 4 new lamps I just finished this morning, very pleased with the results.

Got the filter pump recommended by Marcel yesterday to filter my cloudiest Grande and I am all ready to start.

Hopefully, this filter pump will clear it up and I will have to take back my earlier words that "only a GooKit

can cure a cloudy China Grande"! LOL

I hope to do it tonight but may have to wait for the weekend.

I will post my results. If this pump works for this one, so cloudy it looks like skim milk with purple food coloring

in it, it will work for anyones lamp!!

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed :)

They cost $90, but if it works, so what!! I have 3 (maybe 4 soon!) cloudy Grande's :(


I still am planning to do the GooKit on one of them. I love that fluorecent iceblue that another member made, so I

am following his formula to make one.

LOL! I know it. I am prepaired for muliple passes through the filter and lots of cleaning and waiting.

Will probably take the whole weekend!!

I have place the globe in my basement where is cool, so all the little bits of wax have already sunk to

the bottom. There is only a small ring of goo around the top, where the cap is.


The instructions suggest boiling the cartridge, but I am assuming that is only if you want water to drink?!

Bubbles almost gone from my newly GooKitted Grande.

Just gave it it's last burping last night and will seal it up this evening.

Very cool fluorescent aqua color, need to get some pics up on this one :)


The 1/2 wide stainless steel spring coil does make a difference in how it flows.

I experimented with a few different sizes, I also tried with the original coils, which takes hours for the lamp to get

moving, then when it does, the smaller width coils tend to make the lave flow slower, with mostly one large glob

of lava floating up to the top, then back down, slowly.

The 1/2'' coils creates more varied shapes and faster flow.

I also suspect it gets a little hotter. I put it on a dimmer and dimmed it just a wee bit. I am going to try a 75W

R20 in this to see what happens.

It would be great if I could lower the wattage and still get good flow :)


P.S. I was advised againts using my real (or was it!!??) name and photo. I am just too trusting :\

I just bought a pink lava / purple water, Grande from a guy on Fleabay.

I have never seen this color combo in a Grande before, and there is no such thing in LL's current catalog.


Could someone please tell me when these were made?


Is this something brand new, or a older model?

Ooooh, I see.

But do you know when this was produced?

I am wondering if this is an older model leftover on the shelf or if its something brand new?!

Thanks :)

Bohdan said:

Number 6821  Purple liquid with a pink to red lava. The #21 is the color choice.

Bohdan, I filtered my purple (boy, was it saturated with color!!!) 2 times and now the water is a very light

redish/purple. I know if I filter it a 3rd time, it will be colorless. It's very clear now, and I prefer the lighter

shade (can see the lava better ;)

Bohdan said:

Just remember you may have to filter the Grande at least 3 times. Many of the Grandes as so bad that the milky dye just keeps coming out of the wax.

Hi can you still buy the Grande with the glass table, if so Id like to know where please thanks


Grandes didn't come with glass tables, but the Colossus did. 

The last of the Colossus' have been sold, I believe, through Lava Lite. 

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