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The rarest Astros are ones that don't work... apparently.

This is on ebay:-


The seller claims the lamps are very rare as they contain a heat mat instead of a coil and therefore (as stated by mathmos) don't even work.

Just thought I'd share as it made me laugh.

I have a couple of telstar bottles with the mat in them, they don't work very well but they are yours for £500!

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The best bit is the E-mail from mathmos that says the lamps are practically useless, that’s a plus point that adds rarity according to the seller.
i had the green one recently and resold it on ebay. mine did work but takes longer to heatup. I don't think this is that rare and if they don't work why bid.
I just saw and immediately went here to write about it. The seller was right about one thing though; everybody on ebay claims their lamps are rare, when they are in fact not. I just hope no one bids on these without reading the description properly.
I have this mesh and coil on my 1st ever lamp the orange astro
That's hilarious.
The seller berates other sellers for describing common lamps as "rare", then proceeds to describe his own two common useless lamps as "rare".
Why would I collect a defective lamp? Just because Mathmos made a few duds doesn't make them rare.
If the seller wants, maybe he would like to trade his "rare" non-functioning Mathmos lamps for some "rare" cloudy non-functioning Lava brand lamps that I have kicking around the house. I was going to toss them out, but maybe I should post them for sale on e-Bay. ;)
I love how he says "I know these are going to be EXTREMELY popular with collectors". Well here's news for him: NOT with this collector!

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