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I have two Heritage Grandes - the pink and the green. After running them this weekend, I've decided that the green one just isn't my thing. 

Pic here: http://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/two-heritage-grandes-and-one-herita...
I can provide many more pics, if needed. It would come in it's original box. I have NO idea if this will cloud up in shipping - it came to me crystal clear. 

It DOES have gunk in the coil (like most) - you can't really see it when the lamp is flowing. It has two coils. The flow is great, the globe is clear and it's beautiful to watch. It takes for freaking ever to heat up and get going. You know the drill. 

Would anyone be interested? 

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I might be interested.. How much?

I'm not sure Ian. Shipping will be a beast, obviously. Let me see what they're selling for on LL's website. Looks like $80 on their website. And I might guess $20 for me to ship it. So, I'd say $75 total? If LL is offering free shipping, then I can't really compete!

Yeah, didn't think I could compete with that if they're offering free shipping. Looks like I'll have to sell it locally then. 

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