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Just saw this on youtube. Appears to be a mix between glitter, and lava. Something new from LL.


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That looks terrible! If that's what LL is coming out with count me out on that lamp. But thanks for the update Thom!

Thank you for sharing, Thom! Yea.... I am not sure how I feel about that one either. Glitter doesn't polish everything, Lava!

I might as well add this one.


I mean... Cool to put new tech into their lamp with Bluetooth but can we try to make it look less cheap? Perhaps a more interesting light display like the Darkstar? Everything has LEDs slammed into it now and 80% of those devices are just boring, blinky lights.

Ahh the infamous, lava bottle inside a glitter bottle lamp. Heard about these. The color makes me want to puke though lol.

To me its hard to tell if they have modified the prototype that I had seen at their HQ.  9 seconds is hard to tell much of anything about it.  The prototype I saw was most definitely a bottle within a bottle, but the video almost makes it look like a single globe.  Problem is - they haven't made good lava nor glitter since they moved production to China (especially glitter). 

If they could provide glitter action similar to a GemLite or fast US fast glitter formula, there's potential.  But then you have the lava aspect.  Even in Grande size, the lava globe, if distinct, would be about the size of a Consort globe.  It will flow like crap.  

If they could do this right it would be a pretty sweet lamp.  They're unable to do it right though. 

I begged and pleaded for a prototype when I was there, but I would want to fill it with my own formula, not theirs.  Even then, heat distribution may be a major issue with the lamp as the lava globe was essentially double-thick on the bottom as the heat needed to be transferred through the bottom of two globes.  You would likely need more of a liquid wax than a solid wax.

Oh wow... no!

Kelly said:

Just a bunch of crap from China! LOL. I wish LL would get more serious about the production of their lava lamps! Oh well. Thanks again Thom for more info about some of their new stuff.

Hmmmm.. I'm with you guys. I think it's bad.. Thanks for sharing Thom.

Given my diminished expectations for this company, I'd have been happy with just a couple of new Grande colors (with TWO coils, thank you). But this is how they're going to celebrate 50 years? No thanks...

Pink fuzzy lava lamps, Batman!!  That's horrible!

Come on LL, fix what IS "broken", stop trying to reinvent the wheel!

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