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I wonder why this lamp sold for more than £100


while this one sold for £28


OK the first one is in better condition, but why it's so expensive?

What is the average value of a good condition Nordic?


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Is the green a less common color?

Can tell you as I will buy from UK at times.  The shipping can sometimes be a pain in the arse!  Have done several transactions from abroad and Royal parcel post is not the problem it is the going through customs that can be your sticking point once in the states.  Sure you can pay for 2-3 day air delivery, but realistically, your effort to minimize the transport time to protect the lamp from sitting/ getting sloshed around can be thwarted by delays due to customs and going from one carrier to another.  Been there done that.  Very nerve wracking!  Purchase of 2-3 day air can be extended to as much as a week.  Their (the carrier) is...It is having to clear customs!, nothing we can do.  Geez...I don't remember purchasing that in your 2-3 day air delivery charge?  It can be a crock!

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