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Those who are late will be punished by life itself... Metallic Astro gone :-(

...as Gorbachevs speaker Gennadi Gerassimow once said. Or in my own words: Don't shit too long, otherwise shit happens :-(

Came across this nice lamp today and was wondering if it's really a metallic Astro, it was only described as 'Vintage Mathmos Lamp in excellent condition like new". Not super-cheap, but with 65 Pounds still affordable for such a treasure. And the seller didn't overstate, it really looked newish on the photos - crystal clear fluid, a real piece of jewellery, coming along with the original box.

I found it while I was still lying in my bed (tuesday is my day off) and surfing the internet with the smartphone. And believe me or not, I only wanted to go to the loo, while my desktop PC was already booting, and then after my morning shit I wanted to buy it.

BUT when I came back 6 or 7 minutes later, someone else got there first and it was gone. YELP!!

I reckon someone in this forum is really happy now, while I'm suffering with the reverse effect...

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they also look great with colured bulbs and they look a bit more clear as its less bright

Metallic wax in one of the chromed bottles could be interesting - possible project for someone, maybe (I'm not very 'hands-on' myself)

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