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Those who are late will be punished by life itself... Metallic Astro gone :-(

...as Gorbachevs speaker Gennadi Gerassimow once said. Or in my own words: Don't shit too long, otherwise shit happens :-(

Came across this nice lamp today and was wondering if it's really a metallic Astro, it was only described as 'Vintage Mathmos Lamp in excellent condition like new". Not super-cheap, but with 65 Pounds still affordable for such a treasure. And the seller didn't overstate, it really looked newish on the photos - crystal clear fluid, a real piece of jewellery, coming along with the original box.

I found it while I was still lying in my bed (tuesday is my day off) and surfing the internet with the smartphone. And believe me or not, I only wanted to go to the loo, while my desktop PC was already booting, and then after my morning shit I wanted to buy it.

BUT when I came back 6 or 7 minutes later, someone else got there first and it was gone. YELP!!

I reckon someone in this forum is really happy now, while I'm suffering with the reverse effect...

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they also look great with colured bulbs and they look a bit more clear as its less bright

Metallic wax in one of the chromed bottles could be interesting - possible project for someone, maybe (I'm not very 'hands-on' myself)

The base and bottle look to be original but the cap is not. The metallics were sold with an unmarked cap and wer available mid 2000s for only about 6 months. The cap is from 1995 to 98. They were available in four colours red purple and green. But also blue was available if you visited the Mathmos shop as it was an exclusive shop only colour.

I am lucky enough to have all three commerically available colours with original bases and caps. I keep them pristine and dont use them because of the clouding problem which is why they werewithdrawn from the market so quickly. 

The only other metallic style bottle was the aluminium glitterball lamp. 

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