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Hey there!

First post and non native speaker so please be gentle with me ;)

My Situation:

I have just come into a new lava lamp 3 days ago. Nothing fancy but i like it. I read the instructions (i messed up another lamp some weeks ago but thats another story), plugged it in and started it up.

It didnt take long and the lamp worked fine. The movement was fine and it happened pretty fast but i realized some small almost transparent particles, for the lack of a better word, were flowing through the water. It looks like some broken up plastic film that was covering the wax if i took a guess.

I tried taking a picture of it but im not sure how well you can see the problem.

At first i thought it may go away after a while of running but i had it running for 8+ hours last evening/night and the particles are still there.

Do you know what these particles are and how i can get rid of them?

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Hi philipp, welcome to OG.

I had this in a Motion brand lamp. The particles were reflective and looked like shards of glass in strong daylight. They dispersed after a few weeks of the lamp being run every day.

 Enjoy the flow  :)

Hi Aladdin and thanks for the welcome and information.

You're right they actually also look like glass and at first i was worried something may have been broken during the transport but after finding nothing after an inspection i forgot about that theory.

Ill just let the lamp run for some time then before really starting to worry. Now and then i already think the particles got less or smaller - or both - and then a few hours later i think theyre back to the amount/size they were in the beginning. Guess that comes from my personality (i get upset easily about small errors in things) and the fact that the lamp stands like 1-2 meters aways from me max so i always look at it when i sit at my desk. I checked and when i stand further away in the room the particles are barely visible but with "my nose at the glass" the whole time im prone to see these things all the time...

I guess ill just wait and come back to this thread if the problem still persists in a reasonable amount of time.

thanks again for your help

When I first noticed this I took a closer look at the bottle and there were patches of transparent film on the inside of the glass. I think that when the lamp warmed up and the glass expanded the film crackled and detached in pieces forming the shards. I'm guessing the lamps had been in storage for some time and were a job lot as I got mine from a discount store, they were all the same colour combo ( blue/blue ) piled to the ceiling and cheap as chips. Not a bad little lamp.


Well thats my theory... do let us know how it goes.

Those particles are just small pieces of wax.

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