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Hey all -- first post here. Excited to enter the world of goo!

Without realizing how many better quality lamps there might have been out there - I purchased a 16.3" lamp from LavaLamp.com (lava lite?). I received it about a week ago and it's been quite cloudy since. I've been cycling through heat up and cool down to the best of my ability several times a day as instructed, but the lamp is still quite cloudy.. Can see blurry oozing lava, but can't see through the vessel. 

After complaining to customer service, I was sent a free 2nd lamp that just arrived today. It's also quite cloudy upon first view so I'm going to let it settle to room temp for a while. 

Any tips for getting these lamps to clear up? Is there a cycling protocol I should follow specifically? I've been reading so many different approaches and hearing conflicting time setups from their customer service.

Please tell me I'm not just screwed with crap quality lamps? :P 


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Welcome! There is a lot of good info on this site. I suggest starting on the lava library first. But specifically to answer your question check out this link: http://oozinggoo.ning.com/page/cloudy

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