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As most of you may know, ive been slowly working on a black/red grande. well, ive got everything pieced together, and i ran it for the first time since adding dye to the water. 

i let it heat up for a few hours, and when i came back all of the wax had dislocated from the coil and was sitting at the top.

Should i add more surf to the existing water, or just scrap all or most of it and try again?

i will try to post pics within the week

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Hmmmm, what exactly did you do?

You should have added 56ml of surfactant to your Grande water (see my old post that tells how much water

is in a Grande).

You should also have a 100W R20 bulb in the lamp, and 2 spring coils (one large, and a smaller one which

fits inside the bigger one)  :)


it flowed perfectly before i added the color though. in my photos its the white grande.

i think i may have altered the surf-water ratio a little too much when i added all the color to the water

yeah i'm assuming the ink would add something to the chemical mix. you might be able to balance it back though. worst case scenario start again with the fluid? hopefully it can be saved :)
I have a similar problem. After adding dye, my normall flowing Grandes wouldn't do squat but molten & lay low. I'm thinking GooKits now :( Hope you get this thing figured out. I'm interested in the outcome.
damn lol. another possibility could be they dye that i used. i added a lot of the gookit dye, and i used concentrated candle dye as well. ah well. ill keep fiddling around with it. i will definitely let you know the outcome
Not thinking GooKits now, they all run wonderfully with the new bulb. Even added extra coloring to one, but mine are China LL. Still gonna buy a GooKit & do a True Blood lamp this year!

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