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Well I cracked my wallet open and veered off the el cheapo path and paid full price for a Lava lamp. At the very moment I pressed pay I get a phone call from a friends buddy who offers to give me a 1973 Carlisle with red wax. It is major league cloudy but it is free! So while I play with the freebie I wait with baited breath for the new black wax/clear/new black chrome base from A-ma-zon. More like I'm-an-idiot for going the mail order route. First of all it shows up in 10 degree weather sitting outside on the porch. The box looks like it was dropped a few times. I open the cylindrical box and find the packing was not! In fact it was a return. Complete with coudy and I mean cloudy fluid as well as a major league dinged base. What a disappointment. I check a few of the reviews and it looks like Amazoin gets the rejects from the manufacturer and sells them on the cheap. I can't believe this but never again will I go MO for a lamp. The manufacturer never returns email so I guess I will wait till spring when the Christmas lava lamps go out for garage sales . BTW, the freebie that I got has gone through clean and lobotomy and is ready for the crystal clear prop gly mix. She will return to the redwax /clear like nature intended. i'll post a pix when I complete it. Thanks for the rant.,...Scott

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Did you pay with pay pal? File a claim.
Naw...Amazon sent a return slip. The site is littered with unhappy people. If the base wasn't so dinged up, I would have retrofit the liquid with my own recipe which is a lot more active and fun to watch.
I would pretty much only buy in person, unless its a Mathmos.

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