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Has anyone used the MSR filter pump on a Mathmos Astro with good results (or not)?


I have a clear/pink that is a bit on the cloudy side, nothing like a US LL, just a bit too cloudy.


I love the screw top, I wish ALL LL's had these, it makes maintenance so much easier.

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Yeah, I was thinking only one pass, since it's already clear water, I know what to expect from this filter now

that I have done 4 lamps (including 2 Grandes, one I had to filter twice!!).


Did you have any trouble getting the cap off?

Great Trick. Does this work on the base if you want to change the electrical system?

Richard said:
Use a hairdryer to heat the cap thoroughly and it should easily twist off

I discovered a good way to clean the pump filter to remove the dye from those dark colored Grande's;


Add 1/2 cup of ethanol to 2L of distilled water, run it through the pump followed by 1L plain distilled water.

You may see dye coming out at first, but the alchohol/water will come out clear near the end. If not, make

more solution and pump until water is clear. Always follow with plain water.

This will not hurt the plastic or the rubber parts of your pump.


I sit my filters on a sunny windowsill to dry for a few days.


my jets started sticking after one time filtering...only way to unstick em was to put a tiny bit of metallic fluid in (I think gookit surfactant would have a similar effect) and trandfer them into a clean bottle.
You mean the wax would stick to the walls of the glass?

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