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USSR glitter lampa. anyone know anything about them

Ebay has a few of these glitter lamps made in the formee USSR.  They have pretty large flakes of glitter but they look very pretty.. Was wondering if anyone knew anything about them 

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What do you think of the lamps though ?  Was thinking of purchasing one.  But I gatta do some research on converting it to 110v

There are 3 versions that ive seen so far..

The red one up top or these two.  Im torn between the red colored one and the one with the shade top

I'm not that into glitters although I have several.  But not enough to pursue lamps like this, so I've never really thought about them.

I have the top and the bottom one (bottom not shown in photo)

I do not have the middle one

Some disassembly is needed to convert or change a lightbulb

Easily done though

It's just a matter of changing the light bulb and plug to 120V for conversion

The globes are painted on the bottom to  "filter" the color of the glitter

Problem is, the paint gets burnt in time and stops all light from going through over time

Some acetone and stained glass dye solved the problem 

I ordered the top brown/redish one and the bottom one with the lamp shade thing, i guess the ones you have.  I dont like the middle one.  Only paid $90 for both,  I just hope U.S customs doesnt destroy my lamps and break them purposly like i know they love doing.

When my grandma died years ago in germany her ashes were mailed to me in a URN i picked out and customs opened it and destroyed the Urn, disrespectful jerks

If someone want to buy a lamp like in the first post, I have one for sale :-)

Nice lamps, but the fluid isn't great quality. The movement is very sluggish with a lot of flake just sitting on the bottom.

I got one once that worked really well, until I realised that it had a 70w bulb in it lol

Kirk replaced the fluid in one of the the 'witches hat' models (the 2nd picture you posted) for me about 6 years ago, and that has been running beautifully ever since.

Make sure you have a close look at the pictures before buying, as some of the lamps are in poor condition and/or missing bits like the rubber caps that should be covering the threads on the lamp above.

Its ok. they were only 50$ not 200+ like the others on ebay. The brown one has the rubber for the legs.  But part of the plastic is missing where the globe sits in.  Im not picky about fluid quality lol.  I just think its cool to own a peice of history from the USSR.

I jusy hope customs doesnt destroy them.  They destroyed my grandmas urn whwn it was mailed from germany..  Even though its against the law to open urns they did anyway.   As for flakes sitting.  The white one with the lampshade top looked like it has flakes sitting i was concered about it so i asked if he could take a video of it after its been on for an hour and they all moved off the bottom

Claude, I see you have one of the Soviet Vostok lamps, too. Those are neat.

Thanks, they are cool.  

I'm starting to see them available in different color bakelight too

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