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   What would you value a real white/clear princess at? Also, Could someone that has a real one tell me what the base labels looked like? Where they the same white label with red lettering as all the other lamps? I think i may have spotted one but all that i can see is the base label and it looks more like the Chinese black silver label, except it starts with French.



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I know which one you are talking about. I asked for a picture of the bottle cap but the seller won't post pictures of it so I'd say it's probably not a real #01.

The seller sent me pictures.  The cap is plain gold with no stamping so in my opinion it was a refill.  He also said he got the lamp from someone else so he can't comment if it was refilled. Also, some of the posted pictures looks like the master fluid has a blue tint towards the top.  Anyone else notice this? 

On a side note, I have an original and authentic 52oz clear/white with red and white lava bottle cap.  Lava made it as part of the Americana collection.  The collection was supposed to consist of clear/red, clear/white, and clear/blue to represent the 3 colors of the American flag, but white was dropped prior to release.  As far as I know lava only made one in clear/white which was for their display prior to official release.  I got extremely lucky somehow and it managed to find it's way to my collection.  Once I unpack it I'll take some pictures and post it up. 

Yeah, I kind of figured that one was too good to be true... I was reading another post in doing my research and it was said that only 100 white/clear Princesses were made for a wedding and that was it. It would have been better if it was a vintage kitted lamp, looks like he kitted a Chinese one; based on the black/silver label visible inside the base. Oh well... The question still remains though, what would a real one of these be worth do you think? Did you see the Sgt. Pepper lamp listed for $3100? I suppose it would be something like that.

Did the post say what year the wedding was held?

I don't remember a date, ill try to find the post again.

White/Clear discussion It was a comment by LampHead in this discussion...

Thanks!  That post has the same type of bottle cap that I have on my 52oz, so I would say the one up on eBay right now is a refill.  It doesn't have the red and white Lava Lamp cap. 

I figure that on the super limited production globes, they really didn't need codes because they probably bypassed packaging where I imagine the codes are used to make sure the right globe goes in the right box. That being said, I have seen caps where the codes are warn/faded completely away. Like you said, the cap should be a blank red/white Lava Lite cap with no code. Maybe a Chinese white/clear with the sticker pealed off? I would still buy it, but defiantly not for what he wants for it.

My best guess is that it's a faded Chinese blue/white globe with the sticker removed on a princess base. 

Can you post the bottle cap picture? 


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